NEW RELEASE: A Social Profile of the Black Population in Peel, 2006

The Black Community Action Network (BCAN-Peel) is pleased to announce its publication of a new report on
Blacks in Peel: A Social Profile of the Black Population in Peel, 2006 (a publication of the Black Community Action Network, prepared by the Social Planning Council of Peel). This report is based on the 2006 Census and provides official statistics on Blacks in Peel in the following areas with comparisons to Blacks in Ontario and Canada:
• Demographic and Cultural Characteristics
• Household and Family Characteristics
• Socio-economic Characteristics

In addition to the above information, the report provides statistical tables describing Blacks in Peel:
a) by place of birth, b) in relation to the Peel population as a whole, and c) in relation to the visible minority population in Peel as a whole.
This report is an excellent resource for service planning, community outreach and in-house training on visible minorities, diversity management, etc.

To view the full report- click on the link below:
Blacks in Peel Report, 2006