BCAN unveils a New Membership Model - Join Today!

BCAN is an African centred organization committed to building, healing and advocating for the Black community of Peel. Our Network is comprised of interdisciplinary professionals and community members in-vested in the holistic well being – social, cultural, spiritual and economic – of the Black community, family and professional. BCAN works from an antioppression based collective style model that seeks historically Afrocentred methods to empower and support the continued development of Black persons living in Peel.

Members contribute by actively participating in our initiatives, trainings, heal-ings and public education offerings. Members enrich the network by implementing strategies and policies derived here into their own organizations and networks to further enhance society’s collective growth, particularly as it relates to acknowledging and dismantling anti-Black racism thus empowering Black people to enjoy greater civil liberty, ac-cess to opportunity and quality of life. We need YOU to make that happen! Organizations/agencies and Community Members join BCAN, attend our meetings and help drive the network to effect greater change for Black persons in Peel.

In an effort to celebrate unified heritage within the Black Community, we have utilised West African Adinkra symbols to represent the Levels of Membership: Community, Core and Auxillary. Community is represented by the Symbol ―Dwennimen which stands for Together in Strength; Core is represented by the Symbol ―Mate Masie, which means ’What I Hear, I Keep’, signifying the Core’s Commitment to support, drive and invest in the organization; Auxillary & Allied Membership is represented by the Symbol ―Bese Saka, which stands for Affluence, Power and Abundance—together in Unity. Every Level of Membership is based on a collective style model where we work in an interconnected manner, driving the force of change and prosperity for Black person in Peel. Our organization values the input of all members and aims to work from consensus models wherever possible. The levels of Membership offer something for everyone based on ability to contribute and desire to produce progressive active change within the Region of Peel and beyond.

Joining BCAN Membership is simple. If you are interested, please send an email to The Coordinator at BCAN@live.com
In the Subject Line type: “Application for Membership”.

In your email, list your Name, Organization (if any) and level of Membership sought.
The Coordinator will send you an Orientation Package and Application which you will fill out and send back. Please read these items, paying careful attention to our Terms of Reference which must be signed by the Agency’s Lead. Read all Orientation Documents, including our publication, Erasure.

You will be welcomed to a General Meeting. A Members Training will be held twice annually. Once you complete these steps and attend three meetings, you are a BCAN Member!