Year One: Collaboration and Community - The Key to Success is Partnership!

Year One of the Ontario Trillium Grant is almost here!

BCAN has made many strides and we have accomplished a number of projects within Peel. We could have not done this alone. Not only is our organization assisted by the Ontario Trillium Multi-Year Grant, we have managed to collaborate with a number of thriving Peel organizations that have allowed us all to bring out best skillsets to the table to create meaningful change and strategic partnership for the communities we serve.

Collaboration is a like a beautifully woven tapestry. The design is intricate and complex, the threads are binding and the result is a wonderful work of art for all to enjoy.

Here are just some of what we accomplished this past year:

- Developed a Membership System
- Hosted an Open House
- Participated in a Community Crisis Response Plan
- Partnered collaborative to help bring the Black Health Challenge to Peel
- Hosted 10 Network Meetings
- Published an article on the definition and prevalence of Anti-Black Racism
- Co-hosted an Open Form for Peel community members and professionals
- Began lasting partnerships with over 15 agencies in Peel
- Connected 200 individaulas through our offerings
- Continue and expanded our listserve and broadcast emails

We have collaborated/shared with so many of Peel's great agencies:

United Way Peel Region, BCAC
PHAN – Peel HIV AIDS Network
Bramalea Community Health Centre
East Mississauga Community Health Centre
African Community Services of Peel
Peel Board of Education
Social Planning Council of Peel
Malton Neighbourhood Services
Black Health Alliance - BHA
The Village Keepers
Punjabi Community Health Services
Malton Community Building Project
Investor’s Group
Incwell Consulting Corporation
Malton Moms
Peel Police Diversity Unit
Knowledge Bookstore
Region of Peel
Sankofa In Cipher
Peel Children's Aid

and many more... THANK YOU!!!!

Together, we make a Prosperous Peel!